[PODCAST] The Secret to Stories That Stick

Ideas have been transferred from one person to another since the beginning of time. But the ideas that really take hold are the ones framed by stories.
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Stories Open the Door to Your Mind

"We're on the same page."

"Are you riding this wavelength?"

"Now you're speaking my language."

"I'm smellin' what you're steppin' in."

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3 Questions That Lead to Better Presentations [WORKSHEET]

It's not an impossible dream. In fact, it's quite simple to write a great presentation outline.


Research conducted by Stanford University has proven that audiences are 40% more likely to retain information accurately when it's presented with structure, as opposed to free-form.


While there are many ways to create structure, our clients find asking these 3 questions can take presentations from random and scattered to resonant and incredibly sticky.  

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Stop Making Dinner in the Dark: A Case for Practice

Many of our clients ask us for shortcuts to improving their presentation presence. We're going to get real with you here: not happening. When it comes to learning how to be a persuasive presenter and storyteller, there are NO shortcuts.


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4 Presentation Mistakes You're Probably Making and How to Fix Them

A presentation is one of the most powerful ways to make an idea a reality. When the  audience buys in  to what you've pitched -- they can actually help your idea manifest.
However, less-than-optimal presentations can do more harm than good. Here’s a look at the most common presentation errors we see at GatherRound. Are you guilty of any of these?

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