10 Things to Try Instead of Slides

We can't help it. We do decks because it's the convention, and because it feels better than going against the grain. But when's the last time you really nailed it because of the quality of your slides? And are you sure that's what deserves the credit?

At GatherRound, we see the deck as a last resort. A tactic only to be deployed when we're 100% certain it's the appropriate medium. But we'd be remiss to leave it at that. Below are 10 of the most common (because they're effective) alternatives we recommend to accomplish similar results with our clients and their audiences:

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7 Signs of Deck Addiction

Let's just come right out with it, shall we? Corporate cultures can cloud our judgment and cause us to develop behaviors we wouldn't otherwise endorse. Behaviors become habits, and the next thing we know, we're preparing a PowerPoint to request vacation days.


It's nothing to be ashamed of. Okay, maybe a little shame. But the point is you're not alone.

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Peer Pressure? Just Say No to Slides.

It can happen to anyone.

It's Friday morning. You're sitting in your office enjoying a hot cup of coffee, lining up the day's important tasks.

"Hey," your coworker (or supervisor) interrupts. "You know how the investors are coming in for that meeting on Monday? You think you could throw together a few slides about that thing you worked on last month?"

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Why are We Addicted to Decks?

Seek first to understand...

A good friend reminded me the other day of Covey's 5th Habit, and I knew it was time to explore this phenomenon in greater depth. After all, any successful mission requires we know how high the odds are stacked against us. So why ARE we addicted to presentation decks?

What happens in our brains when we have the opportunity to present?

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