Persuasive Storytelling Spotlight: Ryan Short of MODassic Marketing

Ryan Short is a founder and CEO of MODassic, a design and marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. He started the agency in 2008 to specialize in persona- and ROI-based branding, design and marketing.


Ryan is incredibly skilled at delivering presentations that work. The one thing all of Ryan's best presentations have in common? Him. 


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Be Yourself When You Present

If you find yourself presenting often, you're not alone. Microsoft estimates 30 million presentations are created every day. THIRTY. MILLION. If that many are created each day, how many will ultimately be delivered within your organization?

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When Should You Present? The Most (and Least) Persuasive Moments

Have you ever stood in front of a room and wondered if they'd rather be napping than listening to you?


Have you ever felt like you nailed a presentation, but for some reason your idea went nowhere?

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The Atmosphere is The Idea

Fine dining restaurants don’t just serve food. They create an experience so you’ll feel a certain way as you dine. Sporting events design an atmosphere of excitement and frenzy to heighten the experience of the game. The Las Vegas strip is the epicenter of decadence and opulence, an atmosphere designed to draw people from all over the world to the middle of the desert.

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Better Storytelling Through Chemistry

Moving an audience isn't easy. If it was, everyone would do it. But even though it can be difficult, that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. In fact, many of the most effective storytelling techniques are actually simple, neurological hacks.

Let's take a look at three primary chemical agents of motivation and how storytellers provoke them.

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