[PODCAST] The Secret to Stories That Stick

Ideas have been transferred from one person to another since the beginning of time. But the ideas that really take hold are the ones framed by stories.
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When Should You Present? The Most (and Least) Persuasive Moments

Have you ever stood in front of a room and wondered if they'd rather be napping than listening to you?


Have you ever felt like you nailed a presentation, but for some reason your idea went nowhere?

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8 Tips for Better Eye Contact

When you're delivering a presentation, you might be tempted to look down at your notes or stare at the back wall. However, if you want your idea to stick, we recommend you look into one very specific place during your presentation: the eyes of your audience members.
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Be Yourself When You Present

If you find yourself presenting often, you're not alone. Microsoft estimates 30 million presentations are created every day. THIRTY. MILLION. If that many are created each day, how many will ultimately be delivered within your organization?

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4 Presentation Mistakes You're Probably Making and How to Fix Them

A presentation is one of the most powerful ways to make an idea a reality. When the  audience buys in  to what you've pitched -- they can actually help your idea manifest.
However, less-than-optimal presentations can do more harm than good. Here’s a look at the most common presentation errors we see at GatherRound. Are you guilty of any of these?

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