Set Yourself Up for Presentation Success

Whether you’re addressing a room of 5 or an arena of 50,000, a compelling narrative is paramount to presentation success. The best stories set the scene in a way that’s probably more familiar than you think.

"In a world..."

It's how all the best movie trailers start. This pre-attraction medium puts us on the edge of our seats, makes our hair stand on end, and makes us count down the days to the film's release. It's rare to move your audience like that in a presentation setting, but what if you could? And what if you could do it quickly, easily and effectively, every time?

Your audience needs to buy into your idea.

They need to believe their world is better because of it. You need them to see your idea as the hero. That means they need a villain. Conflict. Tension. They need to feel like all hope is lost... until your idea saves the day.

"I'd see that movie."

When you build a Movie Trailer for your audience, you'll take them on a journey beyond the conventional presentation and generate voracious buy-in. Download the Movie Trailer Framework and step up to a whole new method for writing a presentation.